About Us

We all want our big day to run smoothly and be flawless. All the planning and finding the right team of professionals to create that picture perfect day is not only time consuming but can also be very stressful. That is where we come in. At ClicknPlan we understand the difficulties of getting it all right and we want to help you find and create your team to ensure you have a magical day.

Whatever your event, the number of guests, location, budget, requirement; at ClicknPlan we have it covered. It really is simple. All we require are afew details, tell us what type of service or part of the planning process you need help with then you can sit back while we do all the running around and find you the best professionals in your desired location. You can view their messages, speak directly and receive quotes to help you make your choice.

Your new one Click online event Planner!

Benefits of joining as a Partner

Increased sales
We make referrals every day. Shouldn’t some of them be to you?

Market exposure
ClicknPlan.com is a magnet for customers looking for event professionals to help create their perfect day. As a partner you have access to those customers.

Enjoy better marketing opportunities:
We’ll promote your business and refer clients to you

How much does it cost?
It’s free! To join us as a Partner you must sign-up

We look forward to working for you!