Now that everything is almost sorted, the beautiful dress, the perfect wedding venue, caterers etc. all that you need to think about is how are you going to get there. If you have not got the money to turn up in your own Rolls Royce Phantom then why not spend some of your money on something more practical and be chauffeured in the comfort of your own wedding car for the day, after all this is the one day to feel and look like a true Princes/Princess.

You’ll not only have to worry about parking around the wedding venue, but it isn’t down to you if they obtain a ticket now is it. 😉


A wedding car looks great on photographs and even better for the memories as it creates that grand entrance. Wedding cars help to give you that extra feature on your wedding to make you feel special. Some companies will allow their wedding cars to be used in a different location for photos before you reach the venue, be sure to check at the time of booking. (When discussing your timing – remember wedding cars generally travel more slowly).


 Wedding hire cars come in a range of colors and styles. Your wedding transport can be classic, vintage, modern, sporty, and luxurious, it all depends on your budget, theme and personal preference. There’s no reason to stick with tradition when you choose your wedding transport. You could arrive by horse and carriage, on an elephant, fly in by helicopter or float up in a boat!


There is no sense to hiring a stunning car if it isn’t practical, so ensure that the car you want has enough room for you and the number of people traveling with you. It would be a good idea to check the limit on people travelling in that vehicle so there’s enough space and saves hassle on your wedding day, the bride isn’t going to look so beautiful squeezing out of a tiny door with creases on her dress!

Also, if you are considering an open top vehicle think about any issues with the weather and the distance to travel.


The cost of wedding cars can vary tremendously according to your chosen transport, requirements and the time of year. But remember that beautiful wedding cars get booked up very quickly so early booking is essential.


Remember; however glamorous the bride looks on her wedding day she does not want the wedding car to steal her spotlight, so that is something to think about too.

Always ask to see the wedding car before you book. Make sure you are happy with the condition of the vehicles and get everything that you have agreed and confirmed in writing.


Are the wedding cars you want available for use on your wedding date?

What would happen in the event if the chauffeur was late or the wedding car broke down?

Does the provider have public liability insurance?

Can I see some references and get in touch with other couples who have hired your services?

Do you charge based on time or distance?

Will the car remain at the wedding venue until after the ceremony?

Can the groom (as traditionally expected), drive the car after the ceremony or is the driver always required?

Are there additional charges for over runs?

Are chauffeur’s gratuities included in the bill?

If required are decorations provided for the wedding car?

How much is the deposit and when is the balance due?


At Clicknplan, we have a list of professional and reputable transport companies to put you intouch with, so just let us know the date/time and you be rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

Happy Planning!