Wedding Photography

There are lots of professional photographers available which makes it even harder to choose from. Finding a photographer who takes photos in the style and manner that you want, feel comfortable with and is within your budget can be more difficult to find than you think it will be.

Why is choosing the right photographer so important? Wedding photography isn’t just about a few stunning photos; it is about a beautiful story you will treasure for life. After all as the years go by and when your memory of the day may be blurry your photos will be the only reminder of your big day and all the beautiful memories.

Budget: Wedding photographers cater for every end of the market, so work out how much you can spend first. While you can probably find somebody who will shoot your wedding for a few hundred quid, you’re taking a risk. They might not have shot a wedding before, they might not be particularly creative photographers, and you have to wonder why they are offering their services so cheaply to begin with. At the other end of the scale, booking a top society-wedding photographer can easily blow your budget for the entire wedding. Including the honeymoon!

Style: There are many styles of photography available from Traditional, Classical, and Photojournalistic to cutting edge stylish and dynamic photography. ; A good photographer should be able to do a mixture of styles.

Most professional photographers will know the standard shots to take i.e. signing the register, cutting the cake whilst the more stylish photographers will capture all that together with all the other moments from the day. Such as mum wiping her eyes, the groom looking around as the bride approaches.

Do your research: Anyone can set themselves up as a wedding photographer and build a snazzy website; you can’t even be sure that they took the actual pictures, as ‘cloning’ the sites of top wedding pros is, sadly, a common practice.

If they have the experience then they should certainly have a lot of testimonials and great references. Ask to speak to previous clients, make sure they were happy with how it all went and are thrilled with the end result when they got their photos. Look at example of complete albums, focusing on the style/quality and presentation of the photos.

Do you have a connection?: It is vital that you meet and speak to any photographers you are interested to book. When choosing a photographer: Find a photographer who you like as much as their photos. Having a good rapport with a photographer that you really trust helps to create natural shots.

When meeting the photographer, asking questions, going through their work, how do they come across? Do you feel at ease with them? Do they answer all your questions with confidence? If you feel relaxed and at ease with them it will help for better and more natural photos, you will feel more relaxed around them when they are taking photos and are more likely to be up for more fun and creative photos and most importantly enjoy the whole experience.

Using a friend/family member VS professional photographer:

While you can get away with photographing many events on smartphones these days, you probably want to entrust your wedding to a professional photographer with a professional-level camera

You dad/uncle/mate may have a decent camera, and may be able to take an OK shot. They may well offer to take the photos on the day to save you some money.

Although it may be tempting, most smartphones can’t record images in the raw format, either, so you’re simply not getting the same levels of detail and resolution as you would from a conventional camera. Another reason to choose a pro for your wedding is to liberate you to enjoy the actual day, without worrying about who will be taking the photos.

And finally…Check your photographer has got proper insurance, to protect yourself (and the venue) from mishaps and unforeseen bills. Ask to see the certificate, and if they prevaricate, take your business elsewhere! And, make sure you HAVE a contract outlining all your agreements, timings, costs, shots, albums etc.

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