Wedding Venues Birmingham

Unless you already have a specific venue in mind, choosing a venue for your big day is becoming increasingly difficult, as there are so many options available. The largest portion of your budget will be dedicated to the venue, so it’s essential that you find ‘the one’. You could go for a simple and intimate gathering at a local pub/restaurant, town hall to a more lavish and glamorous in a manor house, beautiful hotels to castles and even boats!

There are many factors that will affect your choice of venue– budget, size of guest list, location and time of year.

Budget – What can you afford? Have a figure in mind before you look for the perfect wedding venue Birmingham so that you do not waste time looking at venues that are not within your budget. However, you may be able to compromise by revising your guest list or something else in order to be able to afford your dream venue.

Location – Will your guests be required to travel miles to the venue or even a book a hotel? This will not be so attractive for guests who will be coming from afar so try to ensure your chosen venue is somewhere that is accessible for most of your guests. Wedding venue in Birmingham is the best option for you.

Catering – Is the catering included in the overall package at the venue? This can reduce the cost, as everything will be offered as a “package”. If not, you may have to include catering into your budget as a separate item.

Civil Ceremony Venues – Couples who believe a religious ceremony is too much for them can opt to be married under the auspices of a registrar in a non-religious building. This option can also save you money as almost all buildings with marriage licences will also offer the facility to host wedding receptions. Many civil ceremony venues are nowadays almost synonymous with reception venues.

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